Newcastle Philosophy Society


Contact: Chandra Vemury


Our main website is temporarily unavailable, but we are aiming to restore this as soon as possible.

Meanwhile below is some useful information on our charity.

The Newcastle Philosophy Society practises free philosophical conversation, welcoming everyone with an interest in philosophy - especially novices - and all philosophical approaches. The Newcastle Philosophy Society aims to release philosophical conversation back into the public arena - pubs, cafes, community halls and the like - to further free philosophy from the academic setting.

Our events are designed for engagement and interaction, sharing and dialogue, in a spirit of mature enquiry rather than debate. For one thing that philosophy tells us is that right answers are hard to find. Events are usually free, though a very small number may ask for a small fee to cover room hire costs (and information about such fees will be highlighted prior to the event). Non - members can attend our events. Please RSVP where an event requires confirmation of attendance. | Newcastle Philosophy Society | The Grainger Suite, Dobson House, Regent Centre, Tyne and Wear, NE3 3PF
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