International Stoic Week

Now  in  its  fifth  consecutive  year,
International  Stoic  Week
 is  an  annual  week long series  of
free,  online  events  aimed  at  encouraging  public  engagement  with  classical  Stoic  philosophy
and  guiding  participants  in  the  practice  of  applying  Stoic  ideas  and  practices  to  the
challenges  of  modern  living.
This  year,
International  Stoic  Week
 is  scheduled  for  October  17th-­‐23rd,  2016,  following  the
annual  Stoicon  Conference
 in  New  York  City  on  October  15th.    The  theme  will  be
Stoicism  and Love
The  organizing  group,Stoicism  Today  reports  that  participation in Stoic  Week
grew  by
66%  from  2014  to  2015
.    Record  numbers  are  expected  again  this  year,  surpassing
the  3,200  participants  worldwide  last  year.
During Stoic  Week participants  will  have  the  opportunity  to  “live  like a  Stoic”  by  following
the Stoic  Week  Handbook  which  contains  readings,  audio,  video,  and  optional  group discussions
-­‐  along  with  daily  practical  exercises  that  combine  elements  of  ancient  Stoicism
and  modern  psychology.    The  free
 is  presented  online  with  offline  versions
available  in  PDF,  EPUB  (mobile),  and  MBI  (Kindle)  formats.
Members  of  the
Stoicism  Today  project
 (a collaborative  group  of  philosophers,
psychologists,  and  psychotherapists)  are  available  to  discuss  Stoic philosophy,Stoic  Week and  other  related  topics  via  interviews,  lectures,  and  other  appearances.
Participants  are  also  encouraged  to  schedule  their  own  Stoic  Week  events  and share information with  the Stoicism  Today
 team  for  informing  the  wider  Stoic  community.

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