Nietzsche, Nihilism, and Negation

‘Nietzsche, Nihilism, and Negation’

When: Saturday 28 April 2018, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Where: The Literary & Philosophical Society (Lit & Phil), Lecture Room23 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE.

Whilst in general our meetings will be held at the Lit & Phil (with a few exceptions), the room itself within the building will switch between the Lecture Room, the Loftus Room, the Small Meeting Room, and occasionally, the Reference (aka Silence) Room.


An introduction to the theme for the session is given at the start of the meeting; it may be difficult to participate in the discussion without that context. Please aim to arrive shortly before the start time so that we can begin the session promptly.

Since the ‘death of god’ (and the ‘end of metaphysics’), the question of nihilism has emerged as a central concern of philosophical and social discourse. Nietzsche saw not simply the ‘death of God’ but rather a denial of the metaphysical concepts that made the idea of a God, and an objective truth and reality, possible. This question of nihilism and negation represents a crisis in 21st century thinking. We no longer know what to believe or if, indeed, we can believe anything. Can it be that, with nihilism, philosophy has reached the limits of philosophical thinking?


A contribution of £2 is requested, for those attendees who can afford it, to cover the room hire costs.

Reading for the session

The following resources, available on the internet, may prove useful when preparing for the session:

The following are Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy articles –

On Nietzsche:

On Nothingness:

On Metaphysics:


Philosophical Explorations aims to apply philosophical thought and method to any subject matter or topic of concern to society or observant individuals within it. The idea is to approach any aspect of life, wearing a philosophical hat as it were, that is applying a measure of argumentation and justification, adhering to reason and logical precision, making use of cumulative philosophical thinking over the ages, broadening each subject to its full implications above and beyond particularities and contingencies, seeking that which underpins opinion by unravelling undisclosed basic assumptions and formulating an underlying existential position in life. Above all, Philosophical Explorations invites us to subject our stand to a dialogue with others, by opening up a space in the mind as a precondition of careful and considerate listening, an ongoing examination of our opinion in relation to that of others, a willingness and readiness to allow one’s own stand to incorporate, indeed be transformed, by the growing wisdom of the group in the process of philosophical exchange. What is therefore desirable in this group is a philosophical attitude and an openness of mind. The most commonly accepted definition of philosophy is that of “thinking about thinking”, that is a double move at the outset, where all reflections are simultaneously subjected to meta-reflections. This habit of mind, whilst not intuitive or normative in society, is at the very core and an indispensable attribute of Philosophical Explorations. Everyone is welcome to join in.

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