Nietzsche And Truth

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Date(s) - Saturday, April 22, 2017
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Supernatural Kitchen


A monthly Saturday discussion group. Nietzsche claimed that his mission was to reverse Platonism, a tall order that drove him to reject Being as a myth and castigate metaphysics as one of ‘the most general, emptiest concepts’ that leads to nihilism. In place of Plato’s abstract ideas he called for an enhancement of man as a species, to free subjectivity from the grip of regressive forces in order to celebrate personal freedom and authenticity. For him the world is a fragmented thing, filled with struggling entities, yet punctuated by moments when human potential bursts forth to reveal the magnificent reach of the mind. His way of securing authenticity in our earthly existence was, when willing something, to will it with all your heart, no half measures, total commitment, give up everything on the one chance, ‘once, only once,’ as he put it. In this way we can make life an ecstatic and intuitive creation. Part of the Transforming Lives series. This series of Saturday groups aims to transform your life. Following the lead of the early philosophical thinkers who set out to form people rather than inform them, you are invited to return to this exuberant, mind-opening source of philosophy. The group will be held on the fourth Saturday of the month.

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