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Date(s) - Saturday, April 22, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Supernatural Kitchen


Hi it Rico.

Just read the Conversation blurb and realised it’s not the right one:

Can you change it for this please?

“Hiding in plain sight”
In my opinion
We live in “The Deception”
Since the earliest western philosophers began to discuss their “love of wisdom” philo & sophia (interpretation from its African origins), we (in the west) have built our societies based on mutual “under-standing” (to stand under) the knowledge that has been recorded by our predecessors, for the greater good of future EUROPEAN societies.

To add to that train of thought, some people (living today) believe that “The West” was mainly, not completely, built by greedy industrialists on a brutal system of “divisiveness” which includes:
FAKE Science & the artificial creation of Racism, Media Propaganda & Emotional Manipulation, Economic Slight of Handedness, and War (Murder).

Since birth we (in Europe) have all been sold a lie that “our country” is lead by democratically elected (by the people for the people) politicians who are just like us and have our interests at heart.
They claim that our leaders see us (non leaders) as equals, and that we live in a multicultural and tolerant, progressive society because of our so called democratic values and social systems.

“Democracy? What democracy!”
Is a cry that haunts us all when ever we engage in any conversation with the slightest hint of politics.

Another way to think about how this “Deception” works is like a computer program thats so widespread (it runs in each and every one of our subconscious brains) that the state no longer needs to oppress us brutally or even directly in anyway for it continue to “serve and protect” the rich and powerful (the real benefactors of our “FAKE Democracy”) because we do it all for them.

Why philosophy?
The sciences are seen to be what shapes and strengthens our societies, and philosophy is regarded as one of the key pillars in all intellectual societies on the planet.

I propose we start here to learn more about each other and the ways in which we are programmed to think and behave in our similar but varied lives.


“Thinking about thinking” is the focus of this group, and by that we mean all thinking, and we invite you to take a walk through (AW, IP, EP, MEP, WP) African Wisdom, after all that came first (as we now agree human life developed first in Africa) to Indian Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Middle Eastern Philosophy, and finally Western Philosophy.

In all of these philosophical arenas or systems “Relating” with one another is at the heart of it.

How can we RELATE BETTER with other people?

The Conversation system works like this:
In groups of 3 people you have 3 rounds;
3 minutes of talking with 1 minute of questions on each of the 3 subjects or categories.

*When asking questions (about what has /is being talked about) you may NOT offer your own stories or answers to problems, that comes later.
The 2 “listeners” must only ask the speaker relevant questions in order to understand more about the speakers chosen subject.

The categories can be changed to suit the purpose of the exercise;

WORK can be schooling, training, even crafts or hobbies maybe if you’re unemployed or have never worked before.

PERSONAL is about family life, your history, childhood, friendships, personal opinions or feelings.

OFFER something to the listeners, this could be an observation like; your hair looks good that way, or you have a great smile, or I noticed the sky was a beautiful colour today as I woke up.
It could also be an interesting bit of technical or historical knowledge.

*keep your answers to questions short and direct, you only have around one minute for that part.

In my opinion
This is an opportunity to see why this system of relating is so important in all areas of society today, we think that it works across all mixes of ages, gender, cultural backgrounds, occupations, political persuasions etc.

What do you think about it?

All people need in common is the language they use to relate to each other and off they go.
Relating with other is at the heart of all societies, in ours we are plagued with our own social issues or hurdles, man made obstacles between us and our ability to foster honest and strong relationships with other people.

I believe: every person who struggles with “true confidence”, depressive thoughts, low self image, and has grown up in a fear led environment (like most people living in the west) needs to work on understanding how to positively influence their subconscious mind to alter their state of consciousness enough to lead the life they truly would like.

It is widely believed that the subconscious the part of the brain may be responsible for all behaviour.
It absorbs ALL information without prejudice and rules the way we react to events in our lives, the way we motivate ourselves to do anything, it governs our courage, strength, and resilience based on what it learns about the many environments we find ourselves in.

This is what they mean by “we are all products of our own environments”.

They say you can not be enslaved unless you allow your mind to be trapped or to be controlled by external forces.
EG: This is why child soldiers are considered excellent investments in areas where private (contractors and rebels) and government armies fight to control the removal of diamonds and other natural resources for western world private companies and the big banks.

The children are easier to control for longer periods of time, they switch to believing what their captors want them to believe as a means of survival, then it becomes all they know.
Mind Kontrol techniques.

The same can be seen in domestic abuse.

It is believed by some that Mandela was physically imprisoned but mentally and spiritually free…that’s why he didn’t organize a “payback war” on his oppressors upon his release after 27 years of enduring their brutality.

It is also believed that he valued peace over death and distraction and worked to free the minds of others.
Whatever you think of him and his legacy, I think you’ll agree that if he’d been released angry or damaged in a different way, he could have possibly led a global genocide between “white and black”, rich and poor, at least he would have been justified to call for the forceful removal of his oppressors and all white South Africans from the lands that their ancestors had stolen from the native Africans.

When I started to find out about the power of the subconscious mind, that it doesn’t think, it just reacts based on what it’s taken in throughout our lifetimes, I really started to peel the onion of “The Great Deception” and to research the many different ways it’s used in our lives, and in the ultimate enslavement of humanity itself.

Please feel free to join this group to explore these and many more related issues, every Saturday evening at The Supernatural Cafe. Newcastle City Centre. 27 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5JE.

Nearest metro is Central Station and bus routes are numbers 1, 10, 38, 39, 40…


Very philosophical, would you care to join us at The Conversation Group and get stuck into discussions with a wide range of Everyday Philosophers?

We are going to meet up in Newcastle centre every Saturday evening from 5-8pm at Supernatural Cafe on Grainger St.

It starts in March and we’ll have a “Big Conversation” group at the start of every month to bring everyone together to engage in a wider debate, topic is suggested but not mandatory, and is a great way to learn how to “relate better” to a bigger group of thinkers.

I’d personally love to see you there, and if you know of other interesting people you’d like to bring, please feel free.

The main rule I will be enforcing is “bullying will not be tolerated”.

The other rules are simply the ones that we are all signed up to by meeting in a public place.

The 1,3,7 structure (of The Conversation -Rico’s way) is a play on what I see as one of our primeval or maybe ritualistic needs as humans, we need and buzz off systems to follow.

Hope you’ll take the leap of faith and give me the opportunity to explain “my way” and that you’ll come along to a group when you have the time.

All the best, Rico.

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