Leaving the Cave – A Conceptual Journey

This group is a natural next step to take after the Basics group. It surveys philosophy in itself, whether as a carrier of ideas, of their very embodiment or as a grand idea in its own right. With its history, branches, and array of writers, philosophy is itself a magnificent focus on reality or truth or beauty, worthy of study for its own sake. The relationship between philosophy as fulcrum and what it discovers as a result is of course a subject of study and consideration. The question whether or not philosophy reflects, refracts or substitutes for something else only augments our understanding of what it purports to unravel, as well as our appreciation of philosophy itself.

The group meets each Friday, consisting of both a morning and afternoon session. Please see the Calendar on the main page for current venue and timing details.


Image credit on main page (detail) and above (in full): Plato’s allegory of the cave. Engraving by Jan Saenredam after Cornelis van Haarlem. Public domain image.

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