What Matters Most: A Celebration of Philosophy

WMM front cover

NPS Book:- What Matters Most: A Celebration of Philosophy

By Anthony Morgan

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The Newcastle Philosophy Society is proud to announce the publication of a new book entitled What Matters Most: A Celebration of Philosophy (270 pages). The book is written by Anthony Morgan, and emerges from his highly successful monthly lecture series entitled ‘On Philosophy’ delivered in 2014 at the Lit and Phil library in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Although the book focuses in part on the pivotal legacy of Descartes to modern philosophy, it is primarily an account of the tumultuous epoch in philosophy arising from Nietzsche’s announcement of the death of God, a period in which truth, reality, belief, progress, and even philosophy itself have all been under sustained attack. Along the way Anthony offers fresh and engaging perspectives on age-old philosophical debates including freedom vs. determinism, good vs. evil, mind vs. body, reason vs. emotion, knowledge vs. wisdom, and absolutism vs. relativism.



1 – Thought

2 – Truth

3 – Freedom

4 – Evil

5 – Consciousness

6 – Action

7 – Body

8 – Others

9 – Meaning

10 – Mystery

11 – Philosophy


Anthony is former chair of the Newcastle Philosophy Society and also formerly lecturer in philosophical psychology at Northumbria University. A year as kitchen manager at a Buddhist monastery has added cooking and meditation to his list of diversions, alongside philosophy and table tennis.

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