Saturday Group Series: Transforming Lives

A series of groups running on the first four Saturdays of the month, entitled: Transforming Lives. Each group will span the whole day, split into two parts: a morning session and an afternoon session. See the Calendar on the main page for up-to-date location and time details.

Having become conversant with the foundational ideas of philosophy in the Basics group and appreciative of the richness of philosophy-in-itself in the Leaving the Cave group we can approach the work of the philosophers of life in the Transforming Lives series. The radical, expansive ideas about the nature of reality and our response to it of this group of philosophers have the power to transform our thinking and our lives. Life is nothing but potential, these thinkers tell us, possessed of emergent properties waiting to be explored and expressed to the full.

1st Saturday: Plato and Mind

2nd Saturday: Spinoza and Liberation

3rd Saturday: Hegel and Truth

4th Saturday: Nietzsche and Truth

We invite you to partake in this process of transformative thinking and exchange of ideas.

See the Calendar on the main page for up-to-date location and time details, as well as what will be happening in the next group.
Image credit on main page (detail) and above (in full): Wellcome Library, London. A pair of eyes expressing the character of a solid thinker, unhurried, yet intrepid if required (according to Lavater). Drawing, c. 1794. Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.