The Hidden Philosopher

A series of interviews with discussion that takes place every Tuesday from 5.30pm.

The process of active, relentless questioning is at the heart of the philosophical enterprise. This does not only relate to ideas or social institutions, but to the level of everyday living as experienced by an individual person. Indeed, the origins of philosophy as we know it is precisely in pursuit of personally held beliefs and ideas consolidated by individuals in their attempt to make sense of their own lived lives.

The modern psychological pursuit of the person conversely can be described as a giving up of that tradition as answers are now sought in unquestionable realms like biology, genetics, or life experience.

The big idea behind philosophical questioning is the inevitable collapse of all belief systems, once subjected to rigorous and systematic application of method, or in modern parlance, opening the mind to process.

We will invite individuals willing to endure such intellectual collapse to be questioned about all aspects of reality and mind. We will attempt to revive a Socratic tradition which sees the mind and its endeavours at the centre of life, and therefore targets the way we are, individually and socially, in order to understand reality and affect philosophical changes.

Despite the enormity and complexity of modern society, it is still the individual mind that matters most. It is not grand narratives and ideologies that drive the world, but people’s surrender of thought and critical examination that in turn give rise to collective movements as default positions.

All big philosophical concepts are at heart deeply personal. If one is not prepared to stand up and be counted one misses out on the most exciting philosophical journey.

This series of encounters will offer the chance to give birth and rediscover the fundamental ideas by which we live, believe, and act in this world. It will feature one hour long combined interview, on a one-to-one basis, panel questioning, and audience participation – to expose, compare and contrast the hidden philosopher within us all.

We are all used to hearing and expressing opinions and facts. But rather than arguing back and forth for all eternity, why not attempt to break through and question what we mean by opinion, and furthermore what we actually want to question and why.

Ever had the feeling of falling in love? Philosophy can offer you the most mind-blowing experience that even the best drugs fall short of.  Get ready to be swept off your feet and fall head over heels for philosophy.

Every Tuesday: 5.30pm – 6.30pm, then discussion until 7.45pm.

Please see the Calendar on the main page for up-to-date venue and timing details.


Image credit on main page: La Discussion politique (detail). Painting by Émile Friant, 1889. Public domain image.

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